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I've been on the General Jackson lunch cruise 3 times in the past 4 years for one reason & one reason only.  YOU!  Are you no longer doing the General Jackson?  Three of my girlfriends & I are planning another Nashville trip in September & the only reason for doing the General Jackson is if you are going to be the entertainment.  Could you please email me & let me know if you'll be the entertainment on G.J. in Sept?

If you're not going to be doing the G.J., where would we find you in Sept.?  I have loved your show each time I've seen it & in the summer of 2007 my husband & I & another couple were on the lunch cruise & this was the first time they had seen you & were blown away by your talent & loved the show & talked about it for days after.  Please, please, let me know where we can find you in Sept.

 Thanks for reading this email & thank you in advance for responding.

 One of your biggest fans!


Kalamazoo, MI




   My wife and two young boys (Zack 7 and Hunter 5) took me out today for a Father's Day lunch cruise on the General Jackson.  Unfortunately, things have been tough for me professionally lately and I was not really looking forward to the trip.  It's just been one of those times when you feel like even God has forgotten about you.  Needless to say I started the cruise in less than a good mood.

 But a funny thing happened.  Your show started.  As I listened to your great music and humor a bit of the grey started to lift.  I looked over and saw my two boys smiling and laughing.  The joy in their eyes told me something.  I slowly came to see that I have been blessed in so many ways.  As your show went on I began to laugh and smile myself.  Your positive message really struck home.

 By the time we got back to the dock things seemed much better.  My worries and concerns are still there but they don't seem as smothering as when the cruise started.  I have a great wife and two little boys who love me.  What more could I ask God for in this life.  The rest will work itself out in time.  I bought your CDs and listened to the Gospel one all the way home. 

 I just wanted to say thank you and to let you know that you helped make a difference.  I had spent the entire week praying that God would send me some sign that he was still there for me.  Apparently God chose to send that message in the music and laughter I heard today.

 Thanks for all you do and may God bless you and your family. Mike 

Hello Tim,

My wife and I saw your show December 2, 2005 on the General Jackson. This was the first time I attended your show. While in Nashville we went to the Pam Tillis show at Opryland Hotel, Grand Old Opry and your show was TOPS! I bought two cd's of which you autographed; one for myself and one for my friend here in Opelika, Alabama. We were with a bus tour of 52 and all of us were at the show and everyone on the bus tour had a great time. Your show was clean and family oriented. "Clean entertainment" is still appreciated by many. Sincerely, Ralph and Jane Cotton   Opelika, Alabama

Tim, Just had to drop you a line. Now we are back in the UK after our vacation to Nashville. I thought my wish had come true when I was finally able to take my Mum & Dad to Nashville, he has been a country fan since old shep was a pup and I was even smaller, the wish really came true seeing him on the General Jackson watching your show and crying, he was overwhelmed at being so wonderfully entertained in a place he thought he'd never see. He has battled hard over the years against cancer but is now doing well, I will never forget that look you and your fine band put on his face. Thank you for a memory that will last forever. P.S. we visited day after you had your mishap in your plane (guess the Lord don't want you to swap that fiddle for a harp yet) Keith, Carol, May(mum) & Arthur(dad) Liverpool, England

We were in Nashville just about a week ago for the boat show and dinner it was our 3rd time.
we had a GREAT time - you were awesome.
 We bought your 5 cds, just ordered your DVD off your website, its being shipped to us.....  we would like to see if we could get another autographed photo sent to us - you guys put on ONE heck of a show.
 You have turned 2 people that were non country into country/blue grass fans.  We spent four days down there and had the time of our lives. The General Jackson food was so much better this time than the last time, was enjoyed by all!  especially the chicken and cobblers.  If you could PLEASE let us know a way we could get a pic of you autographed.  Thank you so much!
 Karen Williams & family  Missoula, MT

Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that my husband and I were on the General Jackson lunch cruise back on October 9th.  We were lucky enough to be seated up front (table 3) and had a great view of your show.  We loved your show and after it was over bought all of your cds, your dvd, and got your photo autographed by all.

 What a great time we had that day!  We went back to our hotel and watched your dvd the same night.  We have watched it many times since returning home.  We tell all our family and friends about your great show and have them watch your dvd if they are interested.  You really do have a way with people.  You give everyone that good feeling while they are watching your show which comes back over and over when we watch your dvd.

 Just wanted to say thanks for showing us a great time.  You really are a true performer.  We will be checking your website and purchasing any new cds or dvds you come out with.  Hope to visit you again in Nashville in a few years.  Keep up the great performance! Jeff and Jane Zettlemoyer Fleetwood, PA


Dear Tim:
My wife, Daughter, and myself were on the Luncheon cruise on The General Jackson on Wednesday, July 1. I am a two tour Vietnam Veteran and would like to thank you for your kind words and the fabulous greeting you gave me when you autographed the tee shirt. I would like to be notified if you ever came to the northeast. (New England) Due to your kindness, you made this one of my favorite vacations. 
Howard "Bud" Myers • Providence, RI


In August my sister and I came to Nashville. We took a ride on the riverboat and heard you perform. My father loved fiddle music so we bought him your gospel tape. In the last few weeks of his life when he became restless we put your CD on and he would relax and enjoy your music. The day he died we were playing your CD. It is a great source of comfort to our family. I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful music. At my fathers service we played your music in the background to help carry him home. When I listen to that CD I feel great warmth in my heart. Thank you for the wonderful gift. God Bless. Judi Barley

just wanted to thank you for the recognizing "all" the veterans on Saturday the 24th of September. 35 years ago this coming December I returned from Viet Nam and you are one of two (non-family) who acknowledged our service and sacrifices. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!! Charlie


 My wife and I were in Nashville August 6th & 7th with a motor coach tour company.  We attended the Grand Ole Opry Saturday night and considered it a good show, but we saw your show on the General Jackson on Sunday 7th, all agreed that we would just a soon spend the evening watching you and your group. We were very impressed with your talent and professionalism.

 I heard that you may be coming to Georgia sometimes next year. We look forward too having another evening with your show. Thanks for a wonderful afternoon !! Terry Wheeler Cartersville, GA


My wife and I just returned home to Franklin, NC from my Navy Ship reunion (USS Manley).  We were able to see your show on Friday of the week we were there.  We left the General Jackson deeply impressed with your show and the visit to the Jackson.  The meal was one of the best we had during our stay in Nashville.  Your show was the highlight of our visit.  We also went to the Grand Ole Opry and being as good as it is, it was not any better than your show.  We felt a sense of release from everyday pressures while we were in the theatre and watching you.  Your comedy is up to date and very good with delivery just right.  Your music is very good and we enjoyed it immensly.  You have one of the best bands around and please tell all the guys (no gals at this particular show) hello and a job well done.  We WILL see you again when we get back up to Nashville, and if there is anyway to catch you at Gatlinburg later, we will.

Thanks Again,  Frank and Martha Thomas


Dear Tim,
     On Sept. the 9th, my father, Leslie Lynch, passed away from a 2 year fight with Cancer. One of the great things he enjoyed was his trips to Nashville. He especially enjoyed your show on the General Jackson.
    He would always suggest that My wife and myself go and see your show. So 2 weeks before he passed away my wife and I took a long weekend trip to Nashville to see the Grand Ole Opry and your show. He was right, your show was with out a doubt one of the best we have ever seen !! When we returned home we shared our experience with Dad, and he said "I told you so" We said we would be returning next year to see your show again.
 On the last 2 days Dad was with us, he could barely talk and communicate with us, but there were 3 CD's he wanted to listen to. They were, Jim Reeves Gospel album, Alan Jackson's Greatest hits and your Gospel album. As a matter of fact, your album was the last full one he listened to before he left us.
My family just wanted you to know, how grateful we are for you bringing so much comfort to a man you don't even know. You don't realize how much happiness you brought to his final days with us.
    God bless you, your show and everyone in Nashville for the great memories you gave my Father. 
Sincerely, The Lynch Family Brian, Crystal, Elizabeth, and Makayla
Roxana, Delaware

We were on the General Jackson cruise Friday afternoon. We can't remember having a better time. You guys were terrific. We bought one of your CDs and listened to in all the way home to Akron today. We caught a photo of your jump/split at the end of the show. We enjoyed your show. Nashville is as great place. Dave Nolin and family • Akron, Ohio

Great Job!! We all enjoyed your fiddling at NRECA's annual meeting in Nashville. You and your band made things lively and our members enjoyed your show enormously! The meeting was very successful. More than 11,400 people attended and your show was the frosting on the cake. We sincerely thank you!!

Russell F.McKinnon, CAE • Director, Assn.Meetings and Events for National Rural Electric Cooperative Association

I recently enjoyed the privilege of watching your show at the Gaylord Opryland during the Mid-South Paint Convention. I purchased one of your CD's (the only country music I have ever owned) and I have enjoyed it immensely. I played it in my car with my two young sons and I cracked up laughing when my 4-year old son said "Daddy this music sounds like Texas" I immediately set him straight explaining that Texas is for Cowboys and cattle. That "this here" music is from the South, where heroes, family values, fine women, drink and song and respectin' God-fearin' folk come from. I greatly enjoyed your music, your comedy, your message, and the fine people you perform with. You are obviously a fine talented performer, but one only has to look just a little deeper to find you are a fine man who enjoys his work and treats those around him with fun and respect. You are a great role model and in these trying times---a hero. Great Job and God Bless!

Your friends from the wrong side of the Mason-Dixon line, The Knightsteps
Ray-Lynette-Zachary-Jacob and Emma

God bless you: I was proud of the very entertaining show, that I was not ashamed to have my two daughters, age 8 and 16 enjoy with us.....

Alfred an Janine Davie • Hopkinsville,KY

Hi Tim:
We see you every time we're in Nashville. Last time was Aug 24th.  Great show, great musicians. Always come away feeling good.  Thanks for allowing me to take a picture with you. Bought the video and loved it!  You're the best!  Hi to Robin too. She's so talented as are the rest of Black Creek.  We have ALL your CDs and play them all the time. You and Black Creek sure can put a smile on our faces.  Thanks so much for a great time.

Anita and Fran Barone, Venice, FL

I was on the General Jackson today, June 6, and you had one of the best and entertaining shows I have ever had the pleasure to see. The band was wonderful, the music great and the comedy was hilarious. Thanks for an enjoyable day. Thank you for making a 6 year old feel like she was special. kylee has a big crush on you.


Dear Tim,
Many, many thanks to you for your wonderful performance at our conference last Thursday. You were a big hit that everyone talked about the rest of the meeting. Your enthusiasm rubbed off on everyone!

HMS • Healthcare Management Systems, INC.

Just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed your show on April 4th while cruising the Cumberland on the General Jackson.
I had not had a day off since the holidays and the wife insisted we take a few days and visit Nashville as her folks had seen you and recommended your show. I had a tremendous time and because you are so damn funny, I bought your video. Watched it as soon as we got back to our hotel. We are back in Indianapolis as I couldn't afford to be gone too long away from the business, but I will see you again. I had a great time - awesome band and show!
Thanks very much !!

Randy and Carol Bennett • Indianapolis, Indiana

Hi Tim,
Just wanted you to know how much we enjoyed your show on the General Jackson Thursday afternoon. It was great!! (as was the religious song CD which we purchased) A forever memory! Thanks so much!

John & Joy Stanton • Ithaca, NY

I wanted to express my sincere gratification for the excellent performance you and your band provided for us. As you could tell, the audience just couldn't get enough of you. You completed the perfect ending to a perfect conference...

Linda Davis • Nationwide Insurance

Hey! My name is Ashley Watkins and I'm 17 years old. I just saw your show "Now That's Country" yesterday on the General Jackson! You did a great job! My family and I used to drive from Greenwood, Indiana (where we have lived for 13 years and continue) to Nashville, Tennessee once or even twice a month just to go to Opryland and see your show! It's too bad they closed the park, I'm sure Gaylord regrets it! Well anyway, it was cool seeing you again perform because we haven't seen you in probably 7 years and it definitely brought back memories, and the jokes still crack me up! I wish that you still had the old saloon stage! That was pretty cool! But I wish you all the luck in the world because you still rock! My family and I love you and your fiddle! Ha-Ha! Thanks for the entertainment~ I wish I could still do my toe touches!!! Hope to see you again!

Ashley Watkins • Greenwood, Indiana

Tim is extremely talented, he and his band put on a fantastic show, it's high energy, funny and a great show for all ages. Tim is very pleasant to work with and very professional.....

John Juliano • Eastern States Exposition

Your personalized humor and great fiddle playing was great and was the perfect touch to motivate our members....

Louis Stephens • Civitan International

Hey there Tim and Black Creek,
I saw a show of yours in Opryland years ago when I was about 10 I think. I'm 20 now. I never liked your type of music, but after your show I was singing to a different tune! Thank you for giving us such positive memories and I hope to come and see you and your group soon.

Shannon Rogers and family • Louisville, KY

Tim's wit and overall talents make him one of the best acts we have ever presented on stage. Tim Watson & Black Creek are honest to goodness performers and great fun to watch.....

Ron Beckey • North Florida Fair

I appreciate the fact that you offer all types of music along with great entertainment....

Robynn Price-Zehnder • National Distribution & Contracting, INC.